Hey guys,
I'm Tanya Holland, a wife, mother, and an artist. I love to embroider, photograph my sweet babe, and play soccer. I started my embroidery journey in August of 2018 and have always loved thrifting. I have always had a passion for creating but my passion for creating with the environment in mind is only a few years old. I knew I wanted to offer pieces people could truly feel good about purchasing. This is why I choose to embroider on pre-loved clothing/textiles and create pieces from pre-loved/thrifted materials.
I N S P I R E D  B Y  N A T U R E ,  B E T T E R  F O R  T H E  P L A N E T

The Holland Babe is inspired by nature for your sweet babe. The main inspiration comes from my sweet babe and doing better for the environment. I am here to create quality baby goods and art that is beautiful, useful, and better for the planet.

New to The Holland Babe is Holland Babe Vintage & Holland Illustrated.

Holland Babe Vintage is a collection of curated pre-loved/vintage adult clothing and accessories. I also hand-embroider many of the adult clothes.

Holland Illustrated is a collection of my illustrations & embroidery patterns. I create printable decor & beginner friendly embroidery patterns.